Behind the Scenes & Videography



Most of Blake’s post-production experience involves editing. Blake has worked as an AE, segment, digital media, trailer and sizzle reel editor. Blake has edited over 250 short form videos including over 80 videos for High Arctic Haulers for CBC Television, over 20 videos for HGTV Digital Media, over two dozen videos for Populist Media Inc, and many more videos for various projects. Blake is also expanding his experience in long form editing and is currently an assembly editor for a show airing on Discovery Channel. Blake has also worked as a videographer, both shooting and editing dozens of videos.


Trailer Editor

Smithsonian/Nat Geo: Trailer

Digital Media Editor – CBC Television

(Blake edited around 100 videos for this CBC Show)


CBC: Working on a Cargo Ship


CBC: Sealift to the Arctic

CBC: Hunting in the Arctic

Digital Media Editor – HGTV

(Blake edited about a couple dozen videos for this home reno show)

HGTV: Home Reno Reveal

HGTV: DIY Project

Videographer (Shooter and Editor) – Corporate/Promo Videos

(Blake has shot and edited several dozen promo videos over the years)


Populist: Ancora Waterfront Dining Promo

Populist: MirrorMirrorMakeup Vancouver

Populist: Top 4 Makeup Artist Vancouver




Populist Parties: Hamptons in the City